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  1. So attentive.

    So attentive.

  2. Him too. Knackered.

    Him too. Knackered.

  3. Wiped out.

    Wiped out.

  4. There was a surfer this morning who looked the lovechild of Chris Hemsworth and Roger Daltrey.

    Basically, I’m saying he was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. Second room in the hotel

    Who’s giving odds about how many times power goes off in this room?

  6. Your scar hurt? Harry, that’s really serious… Write to Professor Dumbledore! And I’ll go and check Common Magical Ailments and Afflictions… Maybe there’s something in there about curse scars…
    Even the things Harry imagines Hermione would say are sensible. I think JK was trying to say that even Harry knows women are just more rational and solve problems better.
  7. Woody is not the sharpest, but he’s cute.

  8. Cheery hostel.

    Cheery hostel.

  9. Must be tired still…

    …that should have been, “sandboni”.

  10. Sandzamboni preparing for the day.